Istanbul Basaksehir Vs Manchester United

It never rains but pours for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s side. Despite bossing the possession for most of the United went down to goals from Demba Ba(ex Chelsea) and Visca. Anthony Martial scored the consolation goal for the red Devils. Clearly under pressure from the Arsenal defeat,Ole made 7 changes and notably benched Pogba and replacedContinue reading “Istanbul Basaksehir Vs Manchester United”

Real Madrid Vs Inter Milan

Los Blancos is off the mark in this season’s champions league and it’s about time too. Hakimi from Inter thought he might as well hand his former club an assist in a terrible back pass which Benzema intercepted to put Real in front. Sergio Ramos made it 2-0 with a ™️ header. One thing IContinue reading “Real Madrid Vs Inter Milan”

Manchester United Vs RB Leipzig

Marcus Rashford came in as a second half substitute to score a hat trick. RB Leipzig’s offside line was so poor in this match that even VAR couldn’t save them. Manchester United started with attacking intent lining up with Donny as an attacking midfielder which is a change from Saturday’s utra defensive formation which includedContinue reading “Manchester United Vs RB Leipzig”

Liverpool Vs Midtjylland

It never rains but purrs for Klopp as he lost Van Dyk’s replacement Fabinho through injury. Liverpool are left with Gomez as the only recognisable centre back. Why on earth he sold Lovren without replacement boggles the mind somewhat. Given the low pedigree of Midtjylland Klopp would have done well to start with Williams fromContinue reading “Liverpool Vs Midtjylland”

Borussia Monchengladbach Vs Real Madrid

Los Blancos’s European campaign which started awfully last week continued in Germany.They were two nil down deep into the match thanks to a double by Marcus Thuram( son of French legendary world cup winner Lilian). His second inexplicably played inside by Mendy(Ferland,listen,we all push up as a team when others put up you do thatContinue reading “Borussia Monchengladbach Vs Real Madrid”