The result was not what I expected but the Champ retains his belt. Moreno was missing more punches than Figueiredo.Judges probably saw it better to give a draw given Moreno’s good take downs. Maybe the low blow also saw Judges viewing Figuireido in bad light as well. In the later rounds, Moreno showed more staminaContinue reading “UFC:FIGUEIREDO VS MORENO”


This bout for the UFC Flyweight championship lived up to expectations.Defending champ Figueiredo started the match landing strategic kicks. Surprisingly no takedowns in the match. In the end Perez’s attempt at a takedown proved his undoing. Figueiredo impressively hooked Perez’s leg to counter. From there the champ managed to trap Perez into a guillotine choke(frontContinue reading “UFC:FIGUEIREDO VS PEREZ”