The future of tennis is here

Yesterday we witnessed the passing of the guard in tennis world. One of the rare finals to not feature the big three of tennis and my God it was a breath of fresh air. Dominic Thiem a deserved winner of a first grand slam title although I find it surprising it was at the US Open. His game is more suited for clay him being more of a base line guy (pardon the expression) but heck congrats to him.

Beginning of the end of Jose Mourinho

Jose Mourinho has been on the decline these past few years. Ever since winning the premier league with Chelsea in 2015(Please don’t get me started with how he own 3 trophies at United),he has been a pale shadow of his glorious self. Is it time for Mou to take a break from football or perhaps manage a lower ranked side? One attribute that makes Jose ,Jose is that he has a very robust defence that barely gives anything awa. At Tottenham it’s been anything but. Whilst Davison Sanchez looks the part,I cannot say the same for Toby Alderwereld who was paired in central defence with Eric Dier who is really a defensive midfielder in my opinion.

In midfield Delli Alli is no Christian Eriksen. Of course he is good arriving late in the box but creative wise he lacks a hell of a lot. All things being said I see Jose not lasting until Christmas. Please Jose prove me wrong🤗

The Comeback art

Sports has provided us with many memorable comebacks. Some due to sheer perseverance some well taking advantage of opponent’s weaknesses. Nothing beats grabbing that victory from the jaws of defeat,the adrenaline,the ecstacy is unmatched. This list looks back at the comebacks that made history. We kick off with an unknown and forgotten final. Let’s go.

10. Gaston Gaudio Vs Guillermo Coria(French Open Final 2004)

Long before Rafa Nadal made the French Open his own,there was a time when the French Open changed hands every other year. This final saw relatively unknown Argentines battling out for their first Grand Slam title. Gaudio became the first player in Grand slam final history to come from 0-6 in the first set and two sets down in a final to ultimately win the match

9.Utah Jazz Vs Denver Nuggets 1996

8. Los Angeles Kings Vs Edmonton Oilers 1982

7. Manchester United Vs Bayern Munich 1999

6.Buffalo Bills Vs Houston Oilers 1993

5.Pete Sampras Vs Jim Courier 1995

4.AS Roma Vs Barcelona

3.John McEnroe Vs Ivan Lendl

2. Liverpool Vs Milan 2005

1. Barcelona Vs PSG