Aussie Rules

An enigmatic sport whose popularity is confirmed to a single continent. Australian football first fascinated me at the age of 10 in my parent’s living room watching Gillette World Sport Special(Thank you Gillette for making the Boldeagle).It’s similarities to Rugby and American Football made me realize just how innovative human beings are. Someone was impressively capable of coming up with a totally different sport. Today I take a look at the game that it Aussie Rules Football.

Invented in Australia in the mid 1800s, it is a game whose objective is to outscore your opponents. Each team has 18 players who try to outscore each other by kicking the oval ball between upright posts for 6 points or a point for a kick between a goal and. Movement of the ball is by bouncing the ball or kicking it forward. You are allowed to touch the ball with any part of the body.Possession is turned over when the opposing player touches the ball from a kick.This is called a Mark. Possession is a always in dispute except for when a Mark is given or in case of a free kick.

You can tackle or try to block with your hands and feet. However unfair play like pushing in the back or rough play are not allowed and are punishable by suspensions and free kicks.