American football

This sport’s popularity is limited primarily to North America but me being the sports enthusiast that I am i couldn’t help but marvel at the commercial success that is National Football League or NFL. But what is American Football.

Much like it’s counterpart Association Football, there are 11 players from each team on the field. Where they differ is the squads,for American football the squad total is 45 for soccer it’s 22 max. The object of American football is to outscore your opponents pointwise. The team must move the ball in phases of play eventually getting the oval shaped ball in the end zone for a touchdown. This is either by throwing the ball to a teammate or running with the ball. Each team gets 4 chances to move the ball 10 yards. For my global readers 1 yard is approximately 0.9144 metres. Once they pass 10yards the downs reset for another 10 yards. If 4 downs pass and they fail to make it over 10 yards the ball turns over to the other team.

When a player reaches the end zone the team is awarded 6 points. This is called a touchdown. A touchdown is scored either by carrying the ball to the endzone(much like a long range rocket in soccer terms) or by receiving the ball whilst in the end zone. After a touchdown the one attacking team has a chance of scoring an extra point by kicking the ball between the posts. This results in 3 points ,much like rugby. A field goal can be scored from anywhere on the pitch resulting in 3 points as well. A safety is whereby a defensive team tackles an attacking player in their own endzone earning his team 2 points.

There are no drawn games in American Football. If points are tied there is overtime (extratime) which is an extra 15 minutes until a winner is found. Normal time is 4 15minute quarters. There are 2 minute breaks between 1st and 2nd ,3rd and 4th quarters plus 15 minute half time. The team has three groups,attackers,defenders and special players responsible for kicking side.

The NFL is the most lucrative league in the world running American football. It’s Super Bowl competition is the richest sporting competition in the world eclipsing the olympics,Fifa world cup and UEFA European Championship. The Super Bowl halftime show had become a staple of US pop culture. The halftime show is a performance by popular culture icons. In recent years Beyonce(2013),Justin Timberlake (2004)and Maroon5(2019) have performed at half time on this show piece. Even corporates capitalise on this spectacle with unique commercial adverts being unveiled such as last year with Hyundai and Doritos.

Check out the NFL website for the fixtures and dates of upc

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