Italia’s other major race. Alejandro Valverde of Spain is favorite for the title after winning stage 3. Valverde has got to be the most unfortunate rider of 2021. He crashed out of La Vuelta two months back fracturing his collarbone in the process. In a strange twist of fate, he crashed after crossing the finishing line. Normally it is during the race that most crashes occur so what the hell happened here? Contrary to popular belief, riders don’t simply screech to a halt after crossing the finishing line. They ride a little bit at low intensity in what is termed “cooling off”. This is to prevent cramp, which is the build up of lactate in tissues, a waste product of metabolism. Clearly from the clip Alejandro’s mind was elsewhere when he hit the cable cover, probably thinking about the Vuelta crash in the subconscious. It is still to be determined the extent of the physical damage on Valverde caused by the crash. It is normal to look behind you during the race so you check on your fellow riders. This one is mighty strange since the race was over, probably a rider congratulating Valverde or the Spaniard gloating? I am just kidding Alejandro.


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