Stage two of the Tour of Britain was a 183 km course from Sherford to Exeter. American Robin Carpenter(Rally Cycling team) rode solo as he finished first ahead of Ethan Hayter of Ineos by 33 seconds. Nice to see the smaller teams starting to get on to the podium. Robin was part of the early breakaway and was the toughest of the five or so riders in it, the category two climbs proving a bit of a stretch for the others. The narrow wooded roads were tricky too, no surprises there was an early crash as you can see in the clip. The curling roads made the intermediate sprints interesting too. Not only had you got to control your speed on the corners, you have to be balanced when you are swinging your handle bars like in the clip at 1 minute 05. Robin had a great day dominating the sprints and finishing second in the mountains. Robin couldn’t quite believe it he had to look back at the finish there to make sure no one will catch him. He now leads Wout Van Aert of Belgium in the GC standings by 22 seconds.


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