Slovenia has won the much anticipated gold medal in cycling at the Olympics after Primoz Roglic won the Time Trial on Wednesday after completing the course in 55 minutes and 4 seconds. He beat a field with world Champ Fil Ganna and Stefan Kung. A great achievement coming on the back of an abandoned Tour De France after a crash on Stage 3. He says he still suffered from the effects of that crash even into the men’s road race on Saturday. Tom Doumolin of the Netherlands took silver as he did in Rio 5 years ago and Rohan Denis of Australia taking bronze in another throwback, this time to London 2012 where Rohan finished with silver in the 4000m team pursuit.

Disappointing race for Ganna who finished fifth and Stefan Kung who finished fourth by a fraction of a second. In TT every single delay counts. It goes all the way to the bike structure. You would rather have pedals which are light on the foot to allow easy rotation. I am for a low handle bar bike to reduce wind resistance by lowering the upper body. Wheels need to be paper thin disc wheels. Check out Ganna’s rear wheel. It is typically a disc wheel used on track cycling but these need to be chosen carefully according to conditions, windy conditions tend to be taxing for a rider to handle with such wheels

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