Spanish hopes evaporating with this loss by Pablo inflicted by Daniil Medvedev in three sets. Medvedev tried a lot of drop shots in this match. What I have deduced is that he didn’t aim to win the points directly as a result of them, but to open up the court to inflict pain via the volley or forehand. Watch 1-0(40-0). Daniil has an interesting service motion. Watch the very next point after this one. See where he is actually standing, not centrally but right at the corner of his side of the court. Why does he do that? To angle the shot away from the court as much as possible. Do I like it? No. It exposes you to the return down the line as you leave a sizeable gap there. Besides you can get the angle which you so want by slicing the ball on the serve. It worked though on this point , watch 4-1(30-15). Pablo got the only break of the first set and won it 6-3

Onto the second set, Daniil broke pretty early to go 2-0 up. Watch 1-0(40-30) break point for Daniil. Every shot right from the serve was way too short by Pablo, not one shot was anywhere close to the baseline. I am a huge fan of Daniil’s forehand stroke, but on this point it really let him down. Watch 3-1 to Daniil 30-15. At the net he showed Pablo exactly were he is going to place the forehand and was punished at the end. The second however went the way of the Russian 6-3, the early break key to that. It was also the key in the third and final set. The unforced error on the very first service game, break point, by Pablo not what the doctor ordered. Daniil would go double break up at 4-0. Watch 4-0(40-30). Pablo was his own worst enemy here. The rally was going swimmingly for the Spaniard until that off balance forehand drop shot. Why he selected that shot? Only the tennis gods know. From there Daniil was back in the point. Medvedev winning the match emphatically 6-2 and will face Sam Querrey in today’s final

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