Riders sometimes forget that cycling is a team sport too and get caught up in the pursuit of individual glory. Caruso’s stage 20 and penultimate race of the Giro is for the guy who always sacrificed for the team and never wins. He triumphs in his first stage win ever. Great high altitude riding from the podium finishers, Caruso,Bernal and Martinez. How do you prepare for high altitude racing?

Train early in high mountain areas. Watch your cardiovascular system. Take iron supplements which helps red blood cells. Increase your exercise intensity. If you are like me , some of you will get that sensation of running out of breath at high altitudes. You can use a hypoxic mask. It is a mask you strap on when running a treadmill for example so you get to practice breathing properly when you get to the race. Just found out about it, this sounds like a bargain. It’s Bernal’s time to win this Giro so it will happen baring a crash that forces him out of stage 21.

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