Western Conference number 2 losing to number 7 in Round one of the play offs. Lakers leveling up the series 1-1. LeBron and Tony had a subdued first game barely managing 30 points between them. But Tuesday night the big man came alive. Davis top scored with 34 whilst Schroeder and LeBron had 24 and 23 respectively. Let’s pick up right at the start of the match. Davis with a fall away standing jumper and seemed to kick Jae Crowder in the nuts during the process. What do you think? Was it a foul or its Jae’s fault for standing too close? LeBron has showed the other side of his game, the assist game more and more during recent games. Watch the pass to Davis at 10-8 Phoenix. He notices that of he does not get that pass quickly down court. One of a game high 9 assists for the KING.

Devon Booker was the shining light in a low scoring disappointing Suns performance. Watch as the first quarter clock is ticking with the Suns trailing 22-30.Devon has Caruso and Gasol for company and says heck Gasol is a slow coach let me take him on and be selfish for a change. He can be forgiven for that as long as he gets the basket of which he did. In truth Phoenix lost this one in the first quarter. In a game of basketball it is important not to fall too far behind in the first stanza. Suns turned over the ball way too much in that first quarter for my liking. But its game on here with plenty of basketball to play.

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