Peter Sagan of Bora-Hansgrohe rider claiming this one after the sprint finish. The course was a relatively simple one with the main climb coming up in the final stages. This is the first win here since 2010 for the Slovakian. His late charge in the bunched finish was not enough to change the the general classification standings with Ineoa Grenadiers trio still in the lead. Sonny Colbreli of Bahrain Victorius did the opening act in the sprint opening up a gap which he could not sustain. What would he have done differently?

Well lets start from his initial sprint. We can see he is not bending forward enough. Sitting up as you know is not a good idea during sprinting as the wind pressure sets you back.Sonny is bending forward but is not doing it far enough as you can see. He is paddling a few, then sitting up slightly, paddling a few then sitting up slightly and losing speed as a result. One last word, looking at your competing riders by glancing behind actually is okay. Colbreli did not even know Sagan was coming up fast over his shoulder.

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