Pogba influential in North London. A day to forget for the referee and Jose Mourinho. Spurs fortunate to be up 1-0 at the break through Son whose adjusted foul by Scot McTominay had the ref chop off Cavani’s would be opener. Spurs’ negative tactics invited United to come at the deep Tottenham defensive line.

United have always had an issue with finding a partner for Harry Maguire and that issue came to the fore again when analyzing Son’s opener. Naturally Bailly will fit that mold instead of Lindelof being a left sides defender. That is an issue of the transfer market to solve. In the build up to Fred’s equalizer, Son was trying to be a defensive midfielder when really he should be up top trying to add on to the lead. That is down to his coach, he looked like a lost sheep here just watch him.

Cavani had a say on both sides of the pitch in the second half, with the well taken header to make it 2-1 as well as the , should I say timely header onto his own post with Sissoko ready to pull the trigger behind him. As a soccer player, its always an asset to have both strong feet. Greenwood has IT in abundance.I love Jose to bits, he is one of the iconic managers of our generation, but he is KILLING Spurs with his negative, pick up the scraps soccer. He has Bale, Kane and Son is his team for goodness sake. Its like having a billion dollars in the bank and living in a tent.


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