The Polish national side coach committed high treason in my opinion. Why would you risk playing arguably the most lethal striker in world football against minnows like Andorra. I know there are no small teams in world football but the decision to play Lewa here smacks of just plain stupidity. You have a game against England at Wembley in 3 days,why risk your best player in a game that you are odds on favorite to win anyway.

What really tops it is that not only do they go on to lose the game against England, Bayern lose their goalscorer going into the business part of the season where they have a champions league quarter final and Bundesliga run in. The injury Lewa suffered,sprained knee ligament, is an injury common with playing too many matches in a short space of time. Being a professional that he is, it’s possible he insists on playing each and every game. But it is the coach’s call at the end whether he should play or not. Coaches should better manage the player and should be clever in rotating their personnel accordingly.

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