When Giannis is not scoring freely ,he helps his teammates through his assists. The All- Star could not inspire his team to the win as Milwaukee went down 114-122 to Boston. The Celtics’ first half showing was very impressive. Particularly impressive was their forward Jayson Tatum seven assists and 34 points. Jayson is adept at finding the spaces in the opponents’s defense. Watch first quarter with 10 minutes to go. For the Bucks Kris Middleton was the highest scorer with 19 points. Boston were great in the free throw department which was the key to their victory, shooting 14/16 to the 7/11 for the Bucks. Lets compare the all time records of Giannis and Jayson.

NBA Regular Season Stats
Stats Per Game
Points Per GameG. Antetokounmpo20.7 Jayson Tatum18.5
Rebounds Per GameG. Antetokounmpo9.1 Jayson Tatum6.1
Assists Per GameG. Antetokounmpo4.5 Jayson Tatum2.5
Steals Per GameG. Antetokounmpo1.2 Jayson Tatum1.2
Blocks Per GameG. Antetokounmpo1.3 Jayson Tatum0.7
Totals Stats
Total PointsG. Antetokounmpo11,792 Jayson Tatum4,877
Total ReboundsG. Antetokounmpo5,184 Jayson Tatum1,605
Total AssistsG. Antetokounmpo2,543 Jayson Tatum668
Total StealsG. Antetokounmpo670 Jayson Tatum311
Total BlocksG. Antetokounmpo745 Jayson Tatum191
Total GamesG. Antetokounmpo570 Jayson Tatum264
Field Goal PercentageG. Antetokounmpo.529 Jayson Tatum.456
3-Point PercentageG. Antetokounmpo.286 Jayson Tatum.397
Free Throw PercentageG. Antetokounmpo.717 Jayson Tatum.835

One can see that Giannis trumps Jayson in almost all the other major stats except two, 3-pointers and free throws. So is it a coincidence those two stats were the key to the Celtics’ victory?

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