This was an interesting press conference by Manchester United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. I have deduced the following from what he said. If you listen to his words closely you can hear Ole speaking about winning a trophy or two not directly speaking about the league title. Effectively he has conceded the league trophy to the noisy neighbors.If I were a United fan I would be very mad at my manager. A manager should galvanize the troops. He should have said in football anything can happen and there is still 12 games to play therefore 36 points on offer so the team should not give up on title yet. If Sir Alex was there there would never be talk of reaching a final or two. There would be talk of winning all the trophies including the league.

Last issue I noticed from the presser. David De Gea. David has been given paternity leave to be with his newborn. That is a great gesture from the club all fine an dandy. So what’s with this 6 game absence thing. I have a team going into the crucial time of the season. I would want my number one goalkeeper between the sticks ASAP. Covid aside and isolation protocols, 6 games seams a mighty long time here. It goes to show how much David is valued now at Old Trafford. They cannot wait to put Henderson between the posts, David has had that much of a retched season. I really thing this is it for De Gea as the first choice at Old Trafford and it will be made worse if Dean has a good run of form during the Spaniard’s absence. Listen to a man’s words carefully you will see his ambitions for the future.

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