Arsenal’s top 6 ambitions hit a roadblock on Saturday afternoon at Turf Moor. The Gunners were held to a 1-1 draw by BURNLEY who survived by the skin of their teeth late on in the game. But first let’s talk Aubamayeng’s goal. Nick Pope allowing the ball to slid under his hand,just inside the post after only a few minutes of the game on the clock. Not Pope’s fault. The fault lies with the defense, back paddling and allowing the Gabonese to cut inside and opening the angle. Arsenal dominated the ball possession in the first half with the Clarets looking to absorb the pressure. Just two minutes before the BURNLEY equalizer,Saka had a chance to put his team 2-0 up after being put through by Aubameyang,right side of the BURNLEY box. Showing the disadvantage of having a lefty for a right winger, Saka sought to cut inside instead of taking the shot this the chance was gone. On 39 minutes ,Chris Wood struck for Burnley, or should we say Xhaka struck. The Swiss midfielder must really enjoy playing against Sean Dyche’s team, he assists them each time he plays. Pablo Mari played a back pass to Leno, Leno found Xhaka in the Arsenal box,Xhaka found Chris Wood for an almighty assist. BURNLEY should consider buying Xhaka.

After the break,BURNLEY vegan to claw back the possession . The match came alive in the last 15 minutes after drifting a bit. Pepe who came on for a fading William appealed for a penalty,a no brainer stone wall penalty from my point of view,after Dutchman Erik Pieters handled the ball with his outstretched arm, Pepe looking to go around the defender. No pen given. Two minutes later, Erik appeared on the edge of the Gunners box unleashed a looping shot pushed over the bar by Leno. On 83 minutes Arsenal were provisionally awarded a penalty and Pieters saw red after seemingly deflecting Pepe’s shot onto the cross bar with his arm. Replays showed that it was the shoulder ,which is legal, that touched the ball. VAR and the ref duly rescinded the penalty and the red card. Great work from Saka to put the cross for Pepe in the first place. Pieters and Burnley were like cats with 1000 lives in this game. Chambers struck the post injury time with BURNLEY defending valiantly in their box. The point means more to Burnley than Arsenal though.

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