I am not going to dwell much on the goals scored by United ,they were all superb. I want to highlight the difference between a manager who can react to his team going down in terms of personnel on the pitch and one who let his team down. Ralph deserves the sack after what he did last night. Going down a man in the 2nd minute called for a change of approach. Did he do that? No. Instead of subbing Ings and possibly introducing a defender or holding midfielder ,he changes nothing. The result ,United up 4-0 at half time. Contrast this with Mikel Arteta at Wolverhampton.

David Luiz réceived a red card on the stroke of half time. What does Mikel do? Self preservation. Hook off your best attacking threat Lacazette,replace with Gabriel. Good stuff. Yes they conceded the wind goal by Moutinho but for all intents and purposes Arsenal bowed out of that game with their dignity in tact. The last thing I want to highlight, the Martial penalty. Look, there was no need for Martial to even take a touch in the first place. You are a striker who is short on goals, why take another touch when you have only McCarthy to beat. The red card was harsh but the penalty decision was correct in my opinion. Lord knows what would have happened if the Cavani penalty was given on the stroke of half time, 10-0 perhaps.An interesting piece of statistics, despite having been bashed from all circles for their indiscipline,United racked up 11 fouls to the Saints 6. So the tag of indiscipline is not entirely fair here.

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