3 MISTAKES ,3 GOALS. Liverpool returned to winning ways at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium with a great attacking display with a little help from our friends in the Spurs central defense. For once Jose had no intention of defending for a goalless draw on this one. He organized Spurs into an attack minded 3-4-3 with the impressive Dane Hojbjerg being given licence to join the attack. His goal was the best of the lot from the edge of the 18 yard box beating Allison all hands down. Firmino(45+4 minutes), Alexander-Arnold(47 minutes) and Mane(65 minutes). The first goal by Firmino shows a worrying trend of defenders not dealing with tricky balls in the box and leaving them for their goalkeepers. Mings was punished for such a decision last night against Burnley. Dier was guilty of letting the ball reach Bobby Firmino after he initially did well not to be deceived by Mane giving the eyes.

Lloris for a keeper of his stature to palm the ball straight at an attacker(Alexander-Arnold) from a tame by tricky shot from Mane was unacceptable. A parry out of bounds for a corner would have sufficed here. Rondon can be excused in my opinion. He has little experience compared to the other two. He will learn from his error that led to Mane’s simple goal, that is if he gets more game time.What was the key to Liverpool’s victory? HENDERSON.The Liverpool Captain was sorely missed against Manchester United in the cup. No offense to Thiago who is a splendid player, he cannot offer what Henderson does on the defensive side of the game. He nullified the threat of quick balls to the dangerous front men, Son and Kane. Spurs can point out to having an accuracy rate of 33% on shots fired(1/3) to the Reds’ 21%(3/14) but this stats only goes to show that if you offer more chances to the opposition chances are you are going to be sorry more times than once.

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