I watched this one last night looking for confirmation that Milan are not losing their grip going into the business end of the season. And losing their grip they are.When your seasoned player cannot keep his discipline or cool under pressure you know you are going to lose the game.To show you they value the Coppa Italia less than Serie A,both sides rested key players(Lautaro for Inter and Donnarruma for Milan).Inter were the better team and deserved the victory in every respect. Pretty much against the run of play, Ibrahimovic found the corner of the net on 31 minutes to give the Rossonnerri an undeserved lead. The drama started late in the first half. Lukaku was shoulder budged by Ramagnoli which the Belgian did not LIKE to say the list. Zlatan confronted Lukaku exchanged words, brain kissed and both received yellow cards.I could hear what Zlatan said in my head it goes like this.”You were and will never be better than me you big faker”.

Anyway on to the second half. The petulant little fouls kept coming from both sides.Milan stand in keeper Tararusanu saved well from a free kick from Kolarov and from the fading Alexis Sanchez. Zlatan got his matching orders on 58 minutes receiving his second booking after a cynical heel clip on the charging Kolarov. No one might dispute he thoroughly deserved it. With the numerical advantage, Inter laid siege to the Milan goal with crosses from the flank looking for the big guys. The Nerrazzuri won a penalty on 70 minutes, Leao taking Barella’s legs from under him. Lukaku kind of put too much emphasis on the penalty but luckily the ball came ricocheting from the crossbar for 1-1. In time added on, 6 minutes of the 10 minutes added on to be exact, Inter won a free kick after Meite clipped sub Lautaro before he could shoot at goal. Meite somehow went through the whole match without a yellow card being showed to him which continues to stump me up to now. Denmark Captain Eriksen whipped the ball into the net for the win with Tararusanu watching the ball as if he was watching a movie,firmly rooted to his spot.


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