They say when you ascent to utopia the only way forward from there is downwards. This rings true for Liverpool who suffered their first home defeat in almost 3 years at the hands of relegation strugglers Burnley. Some take longer to go downwards(FC Barcelona). Some take one or two seasons(Kaiserslautern).Liverpool’s decline has been quicker and unexpected. A late Ashley Barnes penalty finally ended this long unbeaten streak and the clarets will not care how it came about.They open a seven point buffer from 18th placed Fulham which increases their survival odds.

With a trip to Old Trafford coming up on Sunday in the Cup, Klopp made some changes to the from 3, Starting with Origi, Oxlade Chamberlain and Mane. Origi had the best chance for Liverpool pouncing on a miss control by Ben Mee but he struck the cross bar with only Nick Pope to beat. He more gentler shot would have done the trick instead of trying to murder the goalkeeper. From there Burnley withstood wave after wave after wave of attack from everywhere.Pope coming out trumps against notably Salah and Alexander-Arnold. Now for the penalty incident. Was there a need for Allison to hack down Barnes after all he had an awful lot to do score from the position he was in?I would have come out stood my ground I think, and I really do, that Barnes would not have scored. Anyway as the story goes Barnes scored the pen with a power driven kick which beat Allison who had guessed the right side. Do Burnley deserve it? You damn right they do. They defended admirably and as the saying goes there is more than one way to win a football match.


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