Lots of chances for either side. A whopping 39 attempts at goal producing producing only 2 goals, with both of them debatable. It was a great display of defensive work from both sides normally famed for their attacking prowess. Special mention goals to Tyrone MIngs and Ruben Dias who produced blocks that literally they had no right to make. Injuries to Walker and De Bruyne would be a worry to Pep whose team just building ahead of steam in recent games. Attacking wise for Villa, Grealish rarely lost the ball and Barkley looked to attack at any given opportunity. For City, the scorer Bernardo deserves the plaudits as well as Foden.

The former’s goal was a controversial one. Rodrigo, clearly off side, blindsided Mings and stole the ball from him after a header forward from Bernardo Silva. The law unfortunately says when Mings touched the ball he rendered the initial phase null and void. But my thinking is should Mings take the chance of leaving the ball and then being blamed for handing the chance to Rodri. It is insane I know. The law is contradicting itself here. Lets take the example of the advantage rule. If a player is fouled and his team still has possession of the ball say in midfield play should continue right? But if in , say, the next 2 seconds an opposing player steals the ball the ref blows to bring the play back for the initial free kick. He does not say that its a complete new phase of play so therefore play should continue,right?This was a bit of a HOME TOWN decision in my honest opinion. The penalty was also debatable. The arm was outstretched by Cash to be honest but he was looking away and the distance traveled by the ball was not all that much. City went top temporarily on the night and were overtaken by their rivals in Manchester United.

United came from behind for the umpteenth time away from home at Fulham. A spectacular winner from a rejuvenated Pogba sent the Red Devils top again. Lookman opened the scoring for the Cottagers after 5 minutes, beating the offside trap to give the home side the lead. They deserved it. They dominated the first 10 minutes, looking like a side who are up for the fight to stay up. A spilled take by Areola gifted Edinson Cavani a goal on 20 minutes. Pogba danced his way past defenders on the right flank and then unleashed a left footer which nestled into Areola’s net despite his despairing dive.


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