The stand out result of the weekend was undoubtedly West Brom drawing with Liverpool at fortress Anfield. It sort of trumped Arsenal’s result against Chelsea in that although both sides have not had the best of form, West Brom were particularly singled out for a shellacking given Liverpool’s recent 7-0 hammering of Palace.The baggies responded well to going behind to a Mane goal which is nothing to be ashamed off given that Mane has scored against most Premier league sides.Ajayi probably at fault for the goal but he atoned for his error in the second half. His looping header coming off the post to beat Allison. Make no mistake , Sam Allardyce has a mountain of a task to keep West Brom in the league. But one thing I like about him is he has his sides playing to their strengths. Against the Reds, he saw that their strength is in their aerial prowess. So he had his best passers getting quality crosses to his forward. Deserved point for his lads.

Arsenal won their first game in a while surprisingly against Chelsea. Chelsea were very unprofessional in their approach to this match. Where can I start. Ok the penalty was lazy defending. That was not a wall that Chelsea set up to defend the free kick that led to the Xhaka goal. That was just a few players having a chat while watching the ball get over them.The Saka goal was straight out of the Kepa goal howler reel except that it was Mendy in goal and we expected better. Chelsea have got to do better on the road if they are to qualify for the champions league let alone win the league title. The Tammy goal was offside clearly, the knee can score a goal so why it was allowed only heavens know.

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