The 75th season of the NBA is off and running like a road runner. My game of the weekend is the Bulls against the Warriors.The MVP guard for Golden state contributed a mammoth 36 points.Going toe to toe with him was Zach LaVine with 33 points. Back and forth they went. The first quarter to the Bulls by just three.Wendell Carter was monstrous on the rebound tip putting his 2 metre frame to use. Second quarter to the Warriors,THEY STARTED GETTING A LOT of 3 pointers in the basket.Only by 7 points though.

In the third quarter, the Bulls came rampaging back.Coby White looking good with some assista and a three pointer . He finished with a credible 5 assists for the match.Chicago winning the quarter by 11 for a narrow 7 point lead going into the last. But before the third quarter was out, cometh the last second , cometh the MAN. Stephen Curry’s long range three pointer right at the death proved to be the overall difference maker reducing the arrears to 4 points(97-93). For a while it looked like Chicago were on their way. Their shooting was pretty accurate. But Stephen Curry made it his mission to punish the Bulls from the 3 point line, one after the other they swished in.With the clock just under a minute to the end, the Bulls looked the winners when they nailed a three pointer from second highest scorer Wiggins. Straight after that Curry went to the basket for a layup to reduce the deficit to just 3 points. With 5 seconds to go with Chicago leading 126-128, Damien Lee nailed a 3 pointer to give Warriors the lead at the death. Yes you might say he was the match winner, but the real match winner was Stephen Curry with his monster 3 pointer at the end of the third quarter. It would have been easy to just sit on his laurels and say oh 97-90 isnt a bad deficit. Lets see how the 4th goes. I love this game.

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