So you got a kid who dies not want to join the football team or basketball team at school. He or she prefers to watch spongebob or blue’s clues as an after school activity.Believe me I know how you feel. Not every child wants to follow the parent’s footsteps. But there are steps you can take the might tweak their interest towards participation. Today I offer my experiences with my children as well as my childhood .

I got interested in soccer at the age of 6 when my dad insisted we go watch a local amateur tournament organised by a local politician. I was in awe of the way the crowd seem to be oblivious to anything going on except on the pitch. The ecstacy on the spectator’s faces when a goal is scored made me want to play. I wanted to be that guy that puts smiles on faces. It also helped that there was plenty of soda and ice cream being given away for kids. If your kid is not the outgoing type,try luring them with free refreshments. On my way to the game,dad also talked about how soccer helped his family put food on the table. He had been brought up in a tough environment,no dad single mom,so he had to play what we term “money games”. Well it’s a fancy word for gambling in that the participants pull funds into a basket with the winning team taking the basket home. Whilst I don’t advocate for gambling or telling your kid that playing for money is ok,it helped me realise that sports can actually be a source of income like bring a lawyer or doctor.

Ok so your kid is not exactly the athletic type. There are sports that use ones intellectual capacity instead of physical prowess. Chess is one of those sports that do not get much coverage in the media but I a great game to flex the most important muscle in the body,the brain. You can buy a chess board,encourage your child to go on the many chess websites on the internet to learn the basics. The likes of Gary Kasparov have attained celebrity and wealth owing to chess you can sell that to them. My daughter is 8 and she has only started asking questions about softball which is a baseball variant. I recommend softball to the girl child by all means. It encourages teamwork and discipline. Qualities that I admire a lot.

As parents you may be afraid for your kid getting injured or permanently disabled playing sports. Let me tell you this. When you leave your kid at their school,do you have any guarantees that they will be ok come going home time? No. You simply have to trust that they can take care of themselves,that the teachers are doing their job well of keeping an eye on them. The same philosophy applies to leaving your kid to go for sports on a Saturday morning. You simply have to trust the coach and your child’s ability to take the pain. When playing sports as physical as rugby,football injuries are bound to happen. It doesnt take away the benefits of competing in them.I plan on introducing my other daughter who is a bit of an introvert to touch rugby which is a safer less physical alternative to conventional rugby.

On a parting note,if your kid insists that sports are not their thing,please let go and accept it. I have seen parents pushing their kids to the limit. They do this because their own parents had killed their own dreams of making it big in sports. This could be a beauty pageant,basketball or cheerleading.You are doing more harm than good and they may grow up resenting you for it. The benefits of sports such as healthy bodies,mental toughness and winning attitude does not away them,then maybe God has other plans for them.



I am a sports enthusiast,a data analytics freak with awesome personality. I love all things entertainment. Show me where the fun is i am there. You can reach me at

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