Justin Herbert’s throws under pressure were impressive for the Chargers. I was particularly impressed by the throw he made to Hunter Henry for the first TD. He clearly had little time being closed down by the Raiders defenders but still managed to do an accurate throw anyway. He finished with a massive 314 yards with 22 caught from his 32 attempts. The first TD from the Raiders was a thing of beauty.2nd quarter,down 3-7, Mariota launched a ball sky high and found Darren Walker right at the corner of the Chargers’ EZ. Mariota had figures of 17 out of 28 attempts which was a modest figure. This may have contributed to the Raiders’ downfall.

Tyron Johnson scored a last minute TD in the same quarter following another long ranger from Herbert.It was one TD each in the third quarter meaning a mouth watering final quarter with the Chargers leading 24-17 going in. Mariota went solo in that quarter to score the TD which sent the game into overtime. Justin Herbert crowned a king size performance with a TD when the Chargers were down 27-24 scrumbling the ball over the line fro m about a yard out.

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