Barca are slowly regaining form following their lackluster start to the season. A win over top of the table La Real lifted them to fifth although some way off top spot. Barcelona are work in progress at the moment.They have co-opted several young players this season like Dest and Araujo so they will certainly take time to adjust.

They have virtually abandoned the attacking philosophy based on quick passes attacking from the middle to one based on wing backs attacking at every opportunity possible. Their defense is still prone to the odd howler as seen in recent weeks. They were caught cold by William Jose in the 27th minute. The defenders were behind the ball playing him onside. From the equalizer we saw a glimpse of the Jordi Alba of old.Its impressive how can he generate that much power from his right foot as we all know him to be virtually one footed.Antoine Griezmann may have to be patient and wait for his chance to play centrally in attack(Messi is winding down his contract after all). He may have to provide a Firmino role to the balgruana in the meantime. He is not half bad at it in my honest opinion. Jury is still out on Braithwaite. The Dane’s miss in the 37th minute shows he has a lot to do to convince the fans.

Frankie De Jong is the midfield pivot that makes things happen. His goal underlines his quality. Arrive in the box late, being aware where the defenders are and emphatic finish. Without fans in the stadiums, there is an opportunity form Barcelona to win ugly without provoking the ire of their faithful. Results matter more when you are under a slump(Look at Manchester United they are only 5 points from top with a game in hand winning by the odd goal here and there).


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