Unlike the past two seasons, no one wants to take the title race by the scruff of the neck early on. The big six all dropped points this weekend leaving JOSE MOURINHO’S TOTTENHAM still at the summit on goal difference. Fulham can feel hard done by though. The major refereeing decisions went against them at crucial moments during this encounter.Thats life at the bottom half of the log I guess.

Fulham should have had a pen when Fabinho slid into Cavaileiro’slegs from under him. The VAR ref advised the on field ref to have a look at his monitor. For once the final decision of the ref was no penalty. I am still trying to wrap my mind as to why that decision went against the cottagers.I might well assume the ref assumed that Fabinho had slid on the turf accidentally before he slid into the Fulham attacker.Had the same incident had happened to a Mane or Salah,would the decision have gone against them? On to less controversial stuff now. De Cordeva-Reid’s goal was stuff of class.A snap shot before the lethargic Robertson could close him down 1-0 Fulham.(Dont you dare say there was a push on Salah in the build up, wont have that here)Fulham were the business in the first half. Liverpool a shadow of the high pressing side we grew to love for the past five years under Klopp. Jurgen went ballistic on the touchline. They were fortunate not to be 2-0 behind. Brazilian keeper Allison pulled of a miraculous save from a free kick just before the break. Anguisa’s rebound header going over the cross bar.

The half time pep talk by Klopp seemed to have woken up Liverpool. They went on the offensive from the get go. Areola pulled off a blockbuster save from the Liverpool captain Henderson after a great through pass from Firmino. They leveled things up, Liverpool that is , in the 79th minute . A Wijnauldum free kick was adjudged to be handled by Kamara on the wall.(Do not start about unnatural positions of arms legs etc I no longer get it).Areola nearly saved Salah’s pen but nearly as as good as a mile. Fulham still in the bottom three but a good point nonetheless.

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