These are my top 5 soccer formations that increase your win percentage.


This formation was popular in the 1990s and was used by the all conquering Manchester United team of 1998/1999 season. Typically you need dynamic midfield player(holding midfielder) able to assist in defence when need be. The wingers will be expected to provide crosses as often as possible to the twin strikers. They are expected to provide protection to the full backs as well. This is now considered the most pragmatic of formations, it protects the width of the field.


4. 4-4-2 Diamond

This is a variation of the above. The full backs are expected to cover for the lack of width by making forays into the opposition flanks.The holding midfielder is expected to remain disciplined and protect the back four. When the team has the ball the midfield must join the attack as much as possible. When we do not have the ball, they must drop deep. The Milan team of the early 2000s popularised this formation earning them two champions league trophies that decade.


3. 3-5-2 formation

There is no sweeper in the defence. We have 3 classic center backs in a back three. The full backs are high up in the attack. The deepest central midfielder will be on high alert to prevent the counter.Antonio Conte shifted Chelsea to this formation in 2016/2017 to great effect after a 3-0 hammering at Arsenal. So good was the formation Chelsea went won to win the league that season.


2. 4-5-1 formation

This is an ultra defensive formation popular among the relegation candidates looking to nick a result from bigger teams.If the 2 wingers play offensive minded this becomes a 4-3-3. The midfield is packed to the brim making it difficult for the opposition to play. This starves the opposition of quality possession in a crucial area. There is still responsibility of the attacking midfielders to supply quality balls to the lone striker. This is Jose Mourinho’s preferred formation this season and has seen Spurs top the league thus far.

Lloris,Reguillon,Aldewereld,Dier,Aurier,Hodjberg,Sissoko,Lo Celso,Son,Bergwijn,Kane
  1. 4-3-3 formation

This formation was popularized by the South American teams of the 60s and 70s. There is a light midfield allowing the opposition to play as well as yourselves. The formation can be varied during the game to 4-4-2 or 4-5-1 depending on whether we behind or ahead in the game. The three attackers are sprea across the field to vary the threat. The midfield has a specialist defensive midfielder. It is favored by teams who like long spells of possession like Barcelona and Manchester City. The Midfield three also play close together and attack laterally. Liverpool’s Klopp is also an advocate of this formation.



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