Where do I begin to even talk about this match here? To even be writing about racism in this 21st century is even more disgraceful. A whole champions league game being called off because an official could not keep his emotions in check. I would have accepted it had this match been called off for hooliganism not that. THE OFFICIAL SHOULD NOT HANDLE ANOTHER MATCH IN HIS CAREER. Okay that is out of the way. But how do we handle this issue of racism in football once and for all. We can take a knee until our knee caps fall off but if we do not educate ignorant people, this issue will not go away for a while.

If you had not heard the match between PSG and Istanbul was called off after players left the field in protest to alleged racism directed at Istanbul’s assistant coach Cameroonian Pierre Webo after a touchline row with fourth official Coltescu. The former Mallorca striker was shown a red card in the fracas. Demba Ba who was a substitute in the match said the match official referred to Webo as “that black guy” .It might not seem much to throw a tantrum over but I was taught growing up that a word said at the right time and in correct context is very important. The official should have been sensitive to what is happening in the world right now. The Black Lives Matter movement is the hot topic at the moment and racist issues are given more attention than ever before. Demba Ba was correct. You never see a white person say that “white guy there” never. Refer a person by his name if you do not know their name, ask the person in charge of the traveling team.

Whether walking off the pitch was the correct thing to do is another debate all together.Officials should not only be trained to handle issues concerning offsides and fouls. Issues to do with how to talk to players, communicate should be at the forefront of their learning. The match continues today with the remaining minutes, about 76 minutes of them, with new officials.

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