I consider a spot kick award as half a goal. When a referee judges a foul to be severe enough for a penalty usually it means its accompanied by a yellow or a red card.This is a bone of contention among soccer pundits. Is not not a double whammy on the offending player?Like being punished twice for one offense?Today i talk about how a team can decrease the chances of the penalty being scored in a situation whereby the penalty has been awarded.

With the introduction of VAR penalties,the rate of penalty awards has increased remarkably for good reason. The Video ref can see what the eye cannot see in real time action.Rules on penalty taking have also changed. The goalkeeper cannot step forward away from his or her line before the spot kick is taken. As a goalkeeper to increase your chances of saving it, you must first of all concentrate.THIS MEANS NO DISTRACTIONS. Keep your eye firmly fixed on the penalty taker as he or she places the ball on the spot.Chances are he or she is just as nervous as you are and he wont look you in the eye. As soon as he places the ball on the spot, move your eyes away from the kicking player and fix them on the ball. As he runs up to the ball, resist the temptation to move quickly to either side to save the penalty kick before the kicking player even kicks. This seldom works.Wait until the last half second(yes it is possible to measure this if you practice enough) to dive. If this goes well you would have dived the right way.Believe me it is better to be beaten by the pace of the ball than to dive the wrong way altogether. Part of the reason why I said the goalkeeper should not look the kicking player in the eye when taking the spot kick is that kickers usually want to send you the wrong way. Some do so by looking at one side of the goal in an effort to confuse you.

Jordan Pickford saving a penalty at Russia 2018 World Cup

Now lets talk about the defenders during the penalty kick, what should they be doing and where. Its common knowledge that both attacking and defending players are not allowed in the box before the penalty is kicked. Just as with the goal keeper, concentration is of paramount importance and quick movement is essential. A lot of times I have seen defenders assuming the spot kick as gone in before its taken(Dont blame some of them seeing a Ronaldo or Messi taking them kind of does that to you) only the keeper to make a wonderful save and the kicker getting to score from open play from the rebound. Where should the defenders be positioned to effectively defend a spot kick you ask? They should be man for man with the opposing players on the 18 yard box line. When he moves I move type of play. A common soccer penalty kick defending methodology is that if you are a goalkeeper and you stay on your line at the centre of your goal during a penalty shoot out, sooner or later someone will aim a kick right at you. This is nothing but chance and luck. Some kickers aim for the centre thinking the goalie will either dive to the side. This is where staying put until the last half-second of the kick comes in. It allows the keeper to make the judgement at the latest possible time.

In this picture, defenders have backed up their keeper well
According to very learned Statisticians, a penalty is likely to go in to the goalies’ top right corner

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