Diet is important for an athlete’s mental and physical well being. Eating right can be the difference between producing a superb performance and being booed out by the fans.Today I take you through what you need to take in before the game to our stamina and if you are the naughty athlete type, to recover from a night out.

The myth is true. One should not eat 3 hours before entering the field of play. This applies to carbohydrates which take about 4 hours for the stomach to digest and proteins which take up to 6 hours. But there are small snacks you can take which are in small quantities that are easily digestible.You may want to try foods such as bread, pasta, fruits such as bananas and oranges before the game. This is important because the blood flow tends to be concentrated to the muscles which are active during sporting activity. If you are full, the blood tends to travel to your stomach to absorb the food therefore conflict for blood with muscles. This may lead to you getting tired fast.

One should avoid spicy food AS GOOD AS THEY TASTE such as fries,burgers,eggs sausages which have a high concentration of fat and protein. It is important not to eat during the game if you have to eat take a single banana or energy bar. I recommend Clif and Luna Bar. Needless to say drinking water is important at regular intervals regardless of the weather conditions to replace the fluids lost from sweat.After the game, it is natural you will feel hungry so eat up. Take in some proteins(low fat) and unsaturated fats.

If you had a wild night out the night before the important game and you want to save your career here is the short end of what to do. Eat potassium rich foods such as avocados, bananas to replace those lost from alcohol induced dehydration. Although not recommended take a glass of carbonated drink such as sprite but do not go overboard. Drink a cup of coffee along with water. Coffee opens up constricted blood vessels.

Another banana, Rafa?


I am a sports enthusiast,a data analytics freak with awesome personality. I love all things entertainment. Show me where the fun is i am there. You can reach me at waltermalunga40@gmail.com

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