It is important for a tennis pro or an amateur player to don attire that make him or her capable of winning. This means choosing the best shirt ,tank top or skirt that will allow free movement, allow sweat to evacuate freely and also give him or her confidence. I have compiled a list of my favorite tennis attire for both ladies and men. Watch out for the surprise entrances from Italia.


The brand originated from the power house fashion country of Italy in 1978 by Marco Boglione. It has held its own against big names in sports wear but I like their take on the tennis court.

This figure hugging ensemble is one of my favorites

Their symbol of the 2 seated persons for me symbolize support.


I love the romantic story of how Under Amour started. Kevin Plank dreamt big in his grandparents’ basement and out of it came this behemoth.The thing I love about Under Amour is that simplicity is their sophistication. They do not go overboard whether is shoes or shirts. The following 2 back to basics designs caught my eye.

I almost got tempted to cross dress when i saw this

Andy wore it best and he looked bad ass at the US Open when he won it


This is the old lady of sportswear founded in Veneto, Italy in 1948.

The blending of white on black flawless

The collar means business


This brand is fairly new in the sportswear field. It was made famous by 2 of the greatest players in the modern game, Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic. Founded in Hiroshima, Japan their designs will blow you away(excuse the pun).It was initially supposed to be named unique clothing warehouse, the founder Tadashi Yanai shortened it to UNIQLO(A much cooler name dont you reckon).

The lases are to be blown away for(Here I go again..sorry)


Phil Knight’s brainchild needs no introduction so i will leave your eyes to feast on these 2 eye candy snaps.


This one looks good on a clay court


The German grand daddy of the sportswear world. It has dressed every one from the German Soccer team to my mom. These 2 are my picks for dressing to knock out your opponent.

Zip up to Zap them up


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