Who will be the first premier league managerial casualty?

Sheffield United suffered their 7th loss of the 8 game season so far. A far cry from the surprise packets from last season who nearly qualified for Europe.Chris Wilder is now odds on favorite for the sack. The blades have not spent well in the transfer market only bringing Aaron Ramsdale to replace the United returnee Dean Henderson, Ampadu from Chelsea on loan and Brewster from Liverpool. These are hardly world beater signings who had not set the scene alight at their previous clubs.

Sean Dyche has been a premier league mainstay for close to 6 years now. He has done wonders with a club budget that would have seen world class managers relegated. He even finished 6th 2 seasons ago to get Burnley into the Europa League. This season something seems off about the clarets. They are not bullying teams the best that a Burnley side can do.They are not making teams uncomfortable at Turf Moor the way they used to. Maybe Sean decided to change his philosophy to make it more flare based than artisanal. This is quite a paradox considering today’s chairman wants a club with more season ticket holders and that means playing a more attacking game. If it was up to me ,based on his previous record, I will give Sean Dyche more time to turn things around at Burnley. Burnley are a patient club. they stuck to Dyche on their relegation to the championship in 2014/2015 and it proved to be the right decision. One hopes the patience is still there.

Sean Dyche

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