Last week word got out that the world governing body for soccer FIFA wants to establish a break away league for the european superpowers,the European Premier League. Now the interesting thing is FIFA themselves are now backtracking to what I reckon is what world football has been waiting for 3 decades,a rival to the UEFA champions league.

The champions league which has been running for 28 years has kind of become stagnant with it’s rigid structure which doesn’t give clubs from the so called smaller nations a chance to compete with the big guns. The premier league would have left the champions league to the teams that normally got eliminated in the preliminary rounds. You can imagine the revenue these clubs could get and definitely need. Speaking of revenue,the proposed league which is said to be due to be started in 2022,has got 4.6 billion dollar financing from banking giant JP Morgan. Now I know something about banking. No bank will cough up that kind of dough without doing risk assessments.

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