The Science of the Tennis serve

The tennis serve can give a player a huge advantage over the opponent as the point starts. Some of the best players of all time have used it so well such as Greg Rusedski ,Goran Ivanisevic to John Isner today. Today I show the types of serve and how they are executed assistance of visuals.

1.Flat serve

The player tosses the ball high up overhead and hits the racket(holding continental grip) through the ball. The ball bounces on the court flat on the surface therefore generating high velocity.This gives little chance for the opposing player getting a decent return over the net. Male players have hit speeds in excess of 140 km/hr and 110km/he for the ladies.

2.Slice serve

Here the player tosses the ball overhead,holding the racket in a continental or eastern grip,hits the ball on the right side or left side for lefties in a cutting motion.The ball hits the surface spinning to the left or right depending on whether server is a leftie or rightie. It pushes the opponent away from court opening the court up for a winner.

3. Kick serve

The player holds the racket in a continental or eastern grip. Tosses the ball over head and brushes against it with the racket at 7 o’clock or 1 o’clock part. If executed well the call curves over net hitting court with topspin straight at the opponent.

4. Underhand serve

Serving underhand is mostly used training children and it now rare on the professional circuit. This is because it is used to surprise the opponent when your back is against the wall. It is associated with unprofessionalism so it is frowned on these days. The serve was made famous by Michael Chang on his way to the French Open title in 1989.

Types of grips

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