Do it like Eddie Murphy

Election fever has struck the US of A. With the election only weeks away,all this debating, back biting has reminded me of a movie from years gone by. THE DISTINGUISHED GENTLEMAN. This movie released in 1992 taught me that i can be a superstar sportsperson even if you are in another field altogether,despite age or circumstances.

From the title of this blog,I guess you have realised the star of that show is none other than the comedian Eddie Murphy. As the story goes ,Thomas Jefferson Johnson(Eddie Murphy) is a sleazy con artist who runs various cons including an extortion racket involving politicians and escorts. It is during one of his jobs that he overhears two politicians, congressman,discussing deals with corporate types and pocketing millions of dollars. Thomas there and then makes a decision to become a Congressman from his hometown state Florida.

He mobilises his community,including an obscure political party and his inner circle in the con business,manages to convince the widow of the outgoing late congressman to hand over his old campaign material. He even campaigns hilariously in a Jewish neighborhood in a van using a megaphone in a funny accent. He wins the election and heads to Washington DC.

This is just the first quarter of the whole film and for me is the most relevant to my topic. Like Thomas athletes should have the determination to try out new sporting discipline. No matter the obstacles you can find a way to succeed.I am particularly inspired by Inter Milan winger Ivan Perisic who plays both Volleyball and Soccer for his country Croatia. Guess what Thomas says to his love interest after winning his political war with Dick Dodge in the last scene?I want to run for president

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