Maguire: Worth a whole lot less than 75 million

Harry Maguire was touted by Man United manager as the club’s equivalent of Virgil Van Dyk. The two defenders have taken diverse paths to success during the past 2 seasons. Virgil wins the EPL ,UCL titles and Ballon D’Or short list. Harry has had an inconsistent stint at Old Trafford culminating in an error strewn last month both at club and country.

Take yesterday’s match for England against Denmark at Wembley. On a yellow card,caught out off position with Delaney going nowhere in midfield,he hopelessly lunges at him earning him his marching orders. For a defender who is a captain as his club side,his decision making makes a rookie like Connor Coady look like a world beater. His tendency to want to join the attack when it’s not necessary costs teams results. As a defender holding position is of paramount importance. More so with players with potent attacking skills like Mount,Rashford and Kane. So there was really no need for him to be that high up the field. Maybe it’s his coaches that encourage him to show is striker skills. Therefore his recent performances may not be entirely his fault

Another instant of failure to handle pressure is the Ndombele goal during the 1-6 with Spurs. With a clearing header the best option for an acceptable price of a corner kick,he opted to head back to the goalie,a weak header back at that,putting pressure on the entire defence.I really feel Manchester United were really had by Leicester City when they settled for 75 million pounds. He is worth a whole lot less.

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