Coronavirus,Sports and Lockdown rules

Tammy Abraham,Jadon Sancho and Ben Chilwell are in a world of trouble this week in England. They have been left out of England squad for the upcoming matches because of their attendance of a party at Abraham’s house. Let’s talk about covid 19 rules sports and lockdown today

Now,most sports including soccer came back beginning of July this year after 3 or so months on ice. I am made to believe the return of sports was made with government approvals worldwide subjects to tests and social distancing rules. I believe those 3 gentleman have had negative tests owing to their participation in recent matches,except maybe for Sancho who Dortmund say wasn’t well with something other than Covid. Here is where I am confused about these measures. Lets say I am a player. I get tested a few days before the game. I test negative. I go home to my family or friends who have not been tested. Now wouldn’t this defeat the purpose of the test as I would be mingling with persons I don’t know their status?Wouldn’t it be better if once I am tested I go with other negative players into a camp until the game is played?I am not excusing the players behavior here but human beings are social animals,it is extremely hard for us not to enjoy ourselves even in this pandemic . So the best thing if I am a club or national team is to remove the players from these tempting scenarios only for a period prior to the game.

How many of you know every lockdown restriction law out there? According to Tammy,he didn’t know that his party was a breach of restrictions. It is very easy to point fingers if you are the English FA here but did they appraise their players of the rules? I doubt. I hope the 3 learnt their lesson and know they are role models now and no longer youth players.

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