How to snap a losing streak

A losing streak or a cold streak is more of a science than an art. A lousy streak can seemingly come from nowhere but does it. Today I show you my take on some losing streaks and why and why not they were snapped.

In the 2007/2008 premiership season,Derby County fresh from promotion from the championship started like a house on fire. championship,started really well. A credible draw against Portsmouth followed by a 1-0 defeat wasn’t bad. But clearly they weren’t ready for the top flight. They ended up the season with a run of 32 games without victory making them the worst side in premiership history with a measly 11 points. But they weren’t the worst side in the world. They simply couldn’t lift the morale of the players enough. By simply bringing in a manager with premiership experience,they would have easily added 10 points to their tally. Even the hiring of a world class coach wouldn’t have been enough with the owners Derby had. Their refusal to assist the manager with new recruits led to him having to rely on Championship players with no premier league experience. The use of Sports psychologist would have helped those players who felt they didn’t belong in the big leagues. Those last 2 factors could well have added 30 points and that is mid table paradise.

Another famous losing streak is the 1988 Baltimore Orioles baseball team. This was a 21 game losing streak. I will tell you off the cuff that having a coach who is the father of your best player may not be a good combination especially when faced with a situation of dropping him due to poor performance. His sacking didn’t appear to help though which suggested maybe the team was just not good enough.If I was there I would have simply advised the owners to disband the team and hold try outs in search of players who love ⚾.🤷.A losing streak is a double whammy for any team. I say so because fans tend to vote with their feet whenever it goes on a bad run. Not to talk of fans,sponsors do a runner as well causing lost revenue. So if I was an owner, I will have a zero tolerance for a bad run even going as far as putting a deterrent clause on a player or coach’s contract.

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