Top ten South American footballers ever

Let’s have a look at the most gifted continent in world football,South America. Home of the copa america and the oh so unfortunate maracana debacle of 1950,we hàve seen some gifted players coming from this continent over the years. Here is my ten of the best

10.Mario Kempes

Aka El Matador. Kempes is well known for scoring the winning goal in the 1978 FIFA world cup hosted in his home country of Argentina(how a military dictatorship got the rights I sha not dwell). A 2 time laliga top scorer with Valencia making him one of the best remembered at the Mestalla.


One of the best passers and playmakers of the 70s and 80. He was so clinical for the Brazilian national team he averaged almost a goal per game for them. With him, Brazil should on balance of power have won the 1982 World cup.

8.Radamel Falcao

Wherever the Colombian goes goals surely are not far behind. He was prolific for his club sides,FC Porto,Monaco and Atletico Madrid. A jorge Mendes fingerprinted move to England was probably not a good idea though. Nevertheless he has a great reel. Enjoy


Like his Greek philosopher namesake,Socrates was academically gifted. Holding a medical degree,spotting a beard made him the coolest footballer alive. He was part of the 1982 team that’s considered the best team never to have won a world cup.


The phenomenon needs no intro from this guy. Let yourselves judge.

5. Gabriel Batistuta

Now wait,I know you. You saying you cannot rank Batigol above Ronaldo or Zico. But there’s is a method to my seemily madness. Bati’s goal scoring record whilst playing for a modest team like Fiorentina and with a not so strong Argentina team make him slightly better than the Brazilian.

4.Leo Messi

He has lost the number 1 spot because of his inability to inspire his country to a major trophy.


😂I feel I need to explain myself again. Rivaldo won a world cup and a Ballon D’Or. He has Messi’s number in my so humble opinion

2.Diego Maradona

His disciplinary record cost him top spot.


The best in South America and possibly the world.

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