Squash this beef

Squash isn’t exactly the most popular spectator sport out there but hey it’s worth having a watch hey. Here is the lowdown on the enigmatic sport.

Squash was first played in England rumoured to be played by inmates of it prison system in the 1800s. The game is played by 2 players with the objective of hitting rubber ball against a front wall until the opponent can’t return. The court consists of 4 walls with the front wall with an out line on the side.This front wall has a bottom line separating the lower part called the tin. The floor like tennis has a half line and a line from back wall joining the half line to make a T. During service each player stands aside on his or her half of the T. The scoring is 1 point with the first one to 11 winning. Obstructing the other player from striking the ball is considered a foul . If a player feels he or she was obstructed they can ask for a “let” or replay of the point or I the ref sees it ,a lost point. If the ball strikes the outside of outline you lose a point same applies to hitting below the tin line.The first to 11 wins a game or if they reach 10-10 the difference of 2 points wins. A match is usually a best of 5 games.

Squash like golf is mostly considered a leisure sport which is played by business associates looking to tie up deals. It may be because of this that the International Olympic Committee doesn’t deem it worthy of Olympic status. In defence of the sport ,they have regular world championships including the recent Manchester Open. I believe it is not a fair assessment as a squash player has to have a level of fitness and aerobic ability.

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