Why we can’t wait for FIFA World Cup 2026

The 4 yearly global soccer showpiece has had a handful of winners in its history. More countries will have an opportunity to win it in 6 years time. For the first time the tournament will have a total of 48 teams. Myself, I am a sucker for an underdog story. The more the teams the better the chances for an upset. God knows the world cup is in need of one. The last first time winners of the cup were Spain 10 years ago. Croatia came close. In Russia but they were blown away by France.

For the first time,the tournament will be hosted by 3 countries in a co hosting arrangement, USA,Canada and Mexico. USA gets the bulk of the matches naturally being the country with the most facilities. The last time they hosted in 1994,the US surprised the world. Being a predominantly a Basketball and Football country, people included myself expected boring matches played in empty stadiums. By golly I was so wrong. That world cup smashed the attendance record with over 3million fans passing through the gate with an average attendance of 68 000 per match. The 2026 tournament will be played in more soccer custom made Stadiums compared to 1994 where manly baseball and Football stadiums were used. We all know the Americans can really put up a show. I can’t wait for celebrity and political involvement. Soccer as now entered the mainstream in the US now so expect a larger audience than in 94.

Mexico isn’t a stranger to world cup hosting having hosted in 70 and 86. Mexico has the best soccer pedigree of the 3 countries. Their top division the Liga MX can compete with plenty of leagues around the world in terms of quality of soccer. We cant wait to go to the Azteca ,the more traditional of the venues available. Canada is really the “oddball” of thee trio. They are the ones with the most to prove. They have the least soccer pedigree although they have sides in the MLS. Being a hockey country may fool a lot of people but history has taught me never to underestimate anyone. They have one of the best young players in the world in Alphonso Davies after all πŸ‘€πŸ”₯.

Metlife Stadium

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