What is your favorite final? Here are mine

Oh yes the thrill of the Cup/trophy final. Pomp and fanfare,singers,politicians and models. I get the crawlies when the commentator gets us fired up. Here are ten of the best finales in sports history.

10. NBA Finals Game 5 1997

Otherwise known as the flu game. This was MJ at his awesome greatness. Although there has been denials,Michael Jordan was said to have had a bout of flu in the early hours of that day. The Chicago Bulls were in an epic fight with the Malone-Stockton led Utah Jazz. Jordan had been bedridden with symptoms of flu ,vomiting and physically weakened. The Bulls won the game and champíonship 90-88.

9.Denmark Vs Germany Euro 1992 final

As legend will have it the Danes only showed up in Sweden by invitation. The Germans underestimated a team that they really shouldn’t have. Especially a team with Michael Laudrup and Peter Schmeichel.

8.Olympic Greco Roman wrestling final 1996

He won the gold with a broken freaking neck. I had to put him 😁.

7.Wimbledon tennis final 1995

Two of the very best of the game at their peak came head on at the Old England club. Boris Becker was bested by pistol Pete in this encounter showing who really was the boss of grass in the 1990s.

6. 100 meter Olympic final 2008 athletics

King Usain introduced himself to Olympic glory with his first gold medal and a record smash for good measure.

5. FA Cup Final 1996

Fergie’s overachieving young team took on an under achieving Liverpool in this once in a lifetime FA Cup Final settled by a single goal from their French legend.

4.Rugby World Cup Final 1995

The birth of Madiba magic against the colossal Jonah Lomu and the All Blacks. Joel Stransky with a swipe of a boot kicked out apartheid and ushered in a new era for SA Rugby.

3.Fifa World Cup Final 1998

The great mysteries of world sport was born. What the hell happened to Ronaldo that day. It however doesn’t take anything away from France who totally dorminated a Brazil who were number 1 in the world.

2. Olympic soccer final 1996

With arguably they best ever side,the Nigerian Super Eagles defeated an Argentinian side with players that would in the not so distant future be the who’s who of the world game.

1. UEFA champions League Final 1999

Manchester United,not for the first time in their history with the ultimate smash and grab. Bayern had United on the ropes and ready for the count for most of part of the match. This is a lesson on perseverance even with a supposedly weaker team and to never give up the referee says so.Legend has it that the trophy engraver had finished putting Bayern Munchen on the trophy by the time Sheringham struck 🤔 lol. Talk about hasty.

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