VAR must go

Watching the embarrassing penalties being given for Southampton and Crystal Palace,made me realize how much we owe referees an apology. There we were taking every single opportunity to blast them for any decision that may be wrong. Alas a machine somewhere in the technical box is making exactly the very same. The handball rule should in my opinion be left to the match official to decide ultimately.

The DeGea initial save was adjudged to be an infringement off his line. But look. Physics say that a keeper’s only movement can only be forward when attempting to make a penalty save. If you look closely at the Zaha penalty goal De Gea moves forward again but because Zaha scores the ref allows the goal to stand. For me that’s double standards on the part of the ref. It’s an instinctive thing for a keeper to do. I propose the rule be adjusted to include that the goalies be allowed to move at most 10 centimeters from goal.

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