Most controversial moments in sports

Today I take a look at the moments in sports that caused some jaws to drop. This is my top ten most controversial moments that sports fans still talk about and will talk about for years to come. I start of in 1982 at the World Cup in Spain


It’s hard to believe that Kuwait was once able to field a decent side let alone qualify for the world cup. But as it where they found themselves at the showpiece facing the French. With France leading 3-1 deservedly,Giresse blasted in a 4th with Kuwait defenders rooted to the spot. Pleading to the referee,the Kuwaiti players claimed they had heard a mysterious whistle in the stands. The referee would have none of it. Up stepped the prince into sporting folklore

9. Serena Williams loses it at the US Open

This one still fresh in the memory that it doesn’t need any intro. Let’s just say some people just don’t take losing quite that well.

8.Diana Ross attempts to emulate Roberto Baggio

This was not so much controversial as it was comedic but hey motown legend makes my list here. It was Chicago 1994 ,the opening ceremony of the FIFA World cup. Diana was performing and let’s just say she had an epiphany an hour earlier,she was the best footballer on the planet😀.

7.Diego Maradona gets sent home from world cup

6.Marion Jones sent to prison for doping

5. Thierry Henry hand of Gaul

4.Mike Tyson bites Evander Holyfield’s ear

3.Hansie Cronje admits to match fixing

2. Beach Ball game

1.1966 world cup Final 5th goal

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