Is Neymar overrated and I’ll disciplined

I was checking out PSG Vs Olympique Marseille last night. Well this is the French version of El Clasico and it’s drama did not disappoint. Marseille were deserved winners against a wasteful Paris side who lacked sharpness in front of goal. My focus today is on PSG attacker Neymar.

Let me start off by saying Boldeagle does not condone racism and any of it’s manifestations. Now that it’s out of the way I would like to candidly say Neymar should not use racism as a cover for his poor performances. Been watching him since the champions league finals in Portugal last month he has been particularly wasteful especially with only the keeper to beat. I understand in the particular Marseille game players went down easily,a lot of play acting etc but Neymar should understand he is a senior player at the club(At one point he was the captain of the Brazilian National team). Neymar for me is a player who can easily become the next Ballon D’Or winner. Same goes for Kurzawa.


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