The Best Sports Stadiums in the World

The Sports stadium represents a place of escape, a place where fans express passion which otherwise wouldn’t be able to express in normal life. The origins of the Sports Stadium can be traced all the way to the Romans of the 1st century AD. Made of mostly brick and marble,these colosseums were places where the Romans congregated to see men fight to their deaths. Although still a matter of life and death(Thanks Bill Shankly),modern sports have found a place in modern state of the art facilities. Which brings me to my top ten best arenas on the planet. Let’s lock it off in the Southern part of the land of the free and brave.

10. Mercedes Benz Stadium (Atlanta USA)

This stadium is home to the Atlanta Falcons American Football team. It sometimes hosts soccer matches for Atlanta United. What I like about this stadium design is the unique 8 triangular panels that make the retractable roof. It’s capacity is 75000. It also includes a restaurant and store. Opened in 2017 at a cost of USD1.6 billion,the biggest event it ever hosted was Super Bowl 2019

9. Bird’s nest stadium

Home of the 2008 Olympic games. Built at a cost of USD428million,it does not have a retractable roof possibly exposing fans to the elements. There are plans to include a shopping mall and hotel in the near future. It famously was the site of athletics legend Usain Bolt’s first Olympic gold medal watched by a capacity crowd of 91000. The stadium also plays host to European football sides on their summer off season.

8. Melbourne Cricket Ground (Melbourne, Australia)

The MCG is the 11th largest stadium and second largest cricket stadium by capacity in the world. It underwent several renovations since opening in 1853 thereafter hosting commonwealth games,Olympic games matches for soccer as well as 2 cricket work cups. It hosts Ashes test matches,England Vs Australia. It’s capacity,well let’s just say we can fit 10 Vitality Stadiums in the MCG đŸ˜€.

7. Soccer City(Johannesburg, South Africa)

Also known as the calabash, the stadium has historical importance as the stadium where Nelson Mandela held his first rally upon release from prison. Officially opened in 1989 it hosted national team matches and cup finals. It was remodelled for the 2010 FIFA World cup in 2009 at a cost of USD440 million. It’s capacity stands at 94736

6.Camp Nou(Barcelona,Spain)

The biggest arena in Europe with 99345,it has hosted two champions league finals and FIFA world cup matches. Its construction costs,1.73 billion euros.

5. Maracana Stadium(Rio de Janeiro,Brazil)

The home of Brazilian football also home of it’s most embarrassing defeats. The 1950 world cup defeat to uruguay

4. AT and T Stadium (Dallas,USA)


3. Signal Induna Park(Dortmund,Germany)

2. Veltins Arena(Gelsenkirchen,Germany)

1. Wembley Stadium(London,England)

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