Is there such thing as an accident?

I was driving in my home town,right in the city centre to meet up with a family friend who I hadn’t seen in a while. In the back were my two daughters who insisted they come alone for a ride. All of a sudden a uniformed figure appeared to block my way down the particular lane the I was in. Walking confidently towards my driver side,he smiled and said afternoon sir. I cordially replied afternoon officer. “Do you know you are in a one way lane” said the officer to my obvious dismay. “Bollocks I said,this ain’t no one way street” I muttered back. He smiled and pointed at a direction towards a post covered by some bushes at the side of the road. I said”Look how was I supposed to have seen that one way sign in the midst of that mess”. Now laughing he said” I dont give a damn you are under arrest for reckless driving,please step out of the car”.

I have tried to stay away from the Novak Djokovic wars with match officials as the eagle is all about action on the court. But i couldn’t help but laugh at his misery and compare it with my experience with another kind of official. As the old saying goes in legal circles, there is no such thing as an accident, but recklessness. Novak knew the rules of tennis when he hit the line judge with a shanked hit. Just as I was culpable for breaking the driving code by driving in a restricted street. I like the US Open and how they run their tournament. They have a zero tolerance on match official abuse(Serena Vs Osaka 2018). This makes sure the respectability of the officials remain intact and ensures fairness in making crucial calls. There are no sacred cows under tennis law🎾.

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