Lance Armstrong is a polarising figure in the world of sports. On the one hand we have this hero of the fight against cancer and an example of never to give up when odds are against you. On the other we have this villain whose deceit became known as one of the biggest frauds in sports history. I have decided to delve deeper into this saga to try to find a balanced view from atop my eagle’s perch.

Lance Armstrong is a former professional triathlete turned cyclist born in Texas,USA in 1971. He began his cycling career with the motorola team in 1992 participating in world championship,and winning various stages of the TOUR DE FRANCE. For those who are lost here,the TOUR DE FRANCE is gruelling a 23 day, 21 stage cycling course ,each stage happening on a particular day. It covers 3500 kilometres over the 23 days. Now back to Lancey here. In 1996 he got diagnosed with advanced testicular cancer and decided to put his career on hold to fight the disease. After entering remission ,he returned in 1998 this time with the US postal team. He went on to win the Tour de France 7 times in a row from 1998 to 2005 and Olympic bronze at Sydney 2000. Doping allegations surfaced as early as 1999 which of course Armstrong dismissed.

However in 2012,the United States Anti doping Agency implicated Armstrong as the ring leader in a professional and sophisticated doping program(they made him out to be Al Capone and the postal team the Chicago Outfit🙄 seriously). Lifetime bans followed from World Anti Doping Code and upheld by the International Cycling Union. Lance maned up in January 2013 and shocked the world.

But there are two sides to a coin. Armstrong’s doping may have deeper psychological causes than people may realise. Cancer survivors are who are hospitalised are 5 percent more likely to abuse drugs and 5 to 15 percent alcohol according to Maybe the guy had an inferiority complex,not feeling like he is physically able to compete with other alpha male athletes. Whichever the case it doesn’t excuse cutting the corners in any part of life let alone sport. Indeed sports psychology is just as good as training.

By the way, Lance Armstrong was stripped of all 7 tour de france titles and no one else was declared the winner.

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